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Member Units

There are 28 member units of the Kings River Water Association. Thirteen are public agencies and 15 are mutual water companies.

KRWA members units include:

  • Alta Irrigation District
  • Burrel Ditch Company
  • Clark's Fork Reclamation District
  • Consolidated Irrigation District
  • Corcoran Irrigation Company
  • Crescent Canal Company
  • Empire West Side Irrigation District
  • Fresno Irrigation District
  • John Heinlen Mutual Water Company
  • James Irrigation District
  • Kings River Water District
  • Laguna Irrigation District
  • Last Chance Water Ditch Company
  • Lemoore Canal and Irrigation Company
  • Liberty Canal Company
  • Liberty Mill Race Company
  • Lovelace Water Corporation
  • People's Ditch Company
  • Reed Ditch Company
  • Riverdale Irrigation District
  • Southeast Lake Water Company
  • Stinson Canal and Irrigation Company
  • Stratford Irrigation District
  • Tranquillity Irrigation District
  • Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District
  • Tulare Lake Canal Company
  • Tulare Lake Reclamation District No. 761
  • Upper San Jose Water Company


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