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The Kings is one of several rivers that flow from the central Sierra Nevada's western slopes. Discovered and named in 1805, its role in the arid San Joaquin Valley's history has always been important.

The first canals were built in the 1850s. Many others followed, and by 1900 a vast canal network was in place, providing water to bring new farms, homes and communities to life.

Kings River water users fought successfully to overcome decades of water rights disputes. In 1927, they approved a water entitlement schedule and formed the Kings River Water Association. Ultimately, this same sort of resolve led to the 1954 completion of the Kings River's Pine Flat Dam by the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control and conservation storage.

Today's productive farms and busting cities and towns have largely resulted from the development of Kings River water.

For additional background on Kings River History, please download and review the Kings River Handbook.

Kings River Handbook


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